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Five ways to increase your conference’s exposure

Knowing where to go with your conference marketing strategy and increasing its reach is always a challenge. Highly specialized areas may have a limited audience from the outset, whereas big organizations have membership in the thousands they can draw from. But whether you’re the American Psychological Association or represent a lesser known area of research, there are still many steps you can take to bring your conference to a wider audience. In this post you’ll find five key ways to take your conference to the next level and get it in front of as many interested researchers as possible.


How to attract talent to your academic conference

Running a successful conference is not just about having the most up-to-date research presentations and exciting keynote speeches. It is also critical to consider the people behind the research and the audience that will be in attendance. With that in mind, how can you ensure that you are attracting the best talent to your academic conference, how can you engage them while they’re there, and how can you make sure that they come back next year?


A researcher’s guide to networking at academic conferences

Being a great scholar doesn’t always mean that you will be a great networker. Academic conferences can be extremely hectic and make you feel alienated and nervous. Despite how it may seem, many of the attendees feel the same way. It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone and establish connections. Even if you aren’t a natural at networking, taking the proper steps can help you feel confident and prepared when the times comes for you to talk about your research.