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Investigating new links in oral fluid and eating disorders

As part of our ongoing series, we are continuing to highlight research from our platform that has gone on to publication. In this way, we can gather insight about what the journey is like for researchers from the initial spark of inspiration, to the poster, and finally to a peer-reviewed paper. We recently sat down with Elzbieta Paszynska, a researcher from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland who first presented her findings at the European College for Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) Congress in 2017. Her work went on to be published in BioMed Research International and Clinical Oral Investigations in 2018. In this interview, we go over why interdisciplinary collaboration is so important and dive into the implications of her research for other fields.


Unraveling the winding path of research

Building a more complete understanding of the research life-cycle and attempting to shorten its span is a significant part of what we do at Morressier. Original research can take years to make its way into a scientific publication, and for too long these early stages were mostly invisible to the broader research community. We are delighted to hear of success stories about posters hosted on our platform that went on to become journal articles, as it helps uncover the value of our contributions to the world of conferences and science more generally. We recently had a chance to speak with Lara Oller, a biomedical researcher from Spain, about what motivates her to pursue her field of study and the research process from poster to paper.


Trends shaking up the research process

Science is constantly evolving. New techniques and solutions like the ones we develop at Morressier can quickly alter established practices, setting industry standards and permanently changing the way research is performed. Together with design expert and open science advocate, Mike Morrison, we’ve compiled a few important trends shaping the environment around research.