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Posts tagged #open science

What is early-stage research and why is it important?

The term early-stage research is gaining traction as the entire scientific community starts to recognize the importance of sharing data far earlier in the research process. Pre-print servers are now well-established in many fields of academia, but there’s a wealth of other important early-stage research that scientists should be sharing.


What’s in store for the future of academic publishing?

Jan Reichelt knows the academic publishing industry inside out. In 2008 he cofounded academic social network and reference management tool Mendeley, overseeing the growth of the platform after its takeover by publishing giant Elsevier in 2013. As such, he’s one of the few who has experienced the inner workings of a traditional scientific publisher firsthand and has built a tech company that’s shaping the publishing industry from the outside. We talked to him to find out out how he sees scholarly publishing evolving in the future, what he believes are the biggest challenges facing researchers today, and what his newly launched venture is.