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Trending Topics in Pharmaceutical Research

The development of drugs and compounds for the pharmaceutical industry is no simple matter. A focus on the early stages of the research process allows pharmaceutical companies to stay on top of the latest insights regarding their drugs and compounds as well as keeping up to date on new research on diseases and disorders that require medicinal treatment. In order to demonstrate the wide variety of novel insights that can be gleaned from a look into the research being presented at conferences worldwide, we’ve used our analytics platform to pull five of the top trending pharmaceutical research topics from our platform for the first half of 2019.


How to increase the recognition of early-stage research

In the scientific community, early-stage research (including conference posters, metadata, failed results, and raw data) has traditionally been restricted to the offline realm, hidden in printed posters, the pages of lab books, and in files on researchers’ laptops and computers. Scientists make progress in their field, secure tenure, and gain notoriety amongst their peers in large part via the success of their published papers. Yet final papers only paint a partial picture of the research process, and represent only a fraction of the data that is generated in the months and years it takes to work on a scientific article.


What is early-stage research and why is it important?

The term early-stage research is gaining traction as the entire scientific community starts to recognize the importance of sharing data far earlier in the research process. Pre-print servers are now well-established in many fields of academia, but there’s a wealth of other important early-stage research that scientists should be sharing.