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Posts tagged #design

Designing a Better Digital Poster

Digital posters offer an innovative way to present early and unpublished research findings at conferences. However, digital posters are not simply regular paper posters that have not yet been printed, and digital poster software offers presenters a plethora of additional features to make their posters stand out. Together with Dr. Zen Faulkes from BetterPosters we’ve come up with a collection of design tips and ideas to make sure that your ePoster wows your audience.


Why conference management tools need a good UX

As conference planning and organization becomes an increasingly digital process, ensuring a quality user experience (UX) with conference management tools is more critical than ever to satisfying the needs of both conference organizers and attendees. Intuitive design and ease of use mean that organizers can spend more time creating the best conference experience and less time juggling multiple complicated technologies, while attendees can take all the steps needed to register, submit abstracts, and more, without getting confused or discouraged.