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Top trends for libraries in 2019

Academic libraries are constantly developing to ensure they can best support the changing needs of their students. As 2019 approaches, we’ve scoured the research from this year’s Charleston Library Conference to put together the biggest topics librarians around the world are working on right now. Read on to find out why technology, data, and early-stage research will play an integral role in the new year. 


What the tech industry can teach academia

Without taking risks and challenging the status quo, the majority of the world’s biggest scientific breakthroughs would not have been possible. That’s why it’s all the more surprising that academia itself is often reluctant to embrace new ways of working and sharing results. Scientists work on their research in secrecy for months or years and then wait an average of 100 days from the moment they submit their paper until it ends up published in a journal. Early-stage findings are hidden, failures are rarely shared, and the online presence of scientific content is disjointed, meaning that valuable findings end up obscured from both researchers and the general public.


A budget-friendly guide to attending academic conferences

Conferences are an essential stepping stone to building a successful career in academia. They provide the opportunity to get out of your day-to-day work environment and offer unparalleled opportunities to build your network and meet your peers from around the world. However, finding the means to attend conferences can be challenging. Even if the cost of the event itself isn’t prohibitive, travelling to the event and paying for accommodation can quickly add up, especially if you receive limited funding from your university. Before you write off the idea entirely, make sure you explore all your options – there are always plenty of ways to travel on a budget.