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Five ways to increase your conference’s exposure

Knowing where to go with your conference marketing strategy and increasing its reach is always a challenge. Highly specialized areas may have a limited audience from the outset, whereas big organizations have membership in the thousands they can draw from. But whether you’re the American Psychological Association or represent a lesser known area of research, there are still many steps you can take to bring your conference to a wider audience. In this post you’ll find five key ways to take your conference to the next level and get it in front of as many interested researchers as possible.


Trends shaking up the research process

Science is constantly evolving. New techniques and solutions like the ones we develop at Morressier can quickly alter established practices, setting industry standards and permanently changing the way research is performed. Together with design expert and open science advocate, Mike Morrison, we’ve compiled a few important trends shaping the environment around research.


Trending Topics in Pharmaceutical Research

The development of drugs and compounds for the pharmaceutical industry is no simple matter. A focus on the early stages of the research process allows pharmaceutical companies to stay on top of the latest insights regarding their drugs and compounds as well as keeping up to date on new research on diseases and disorders that require medicinal treatment. In order to demonstrate the wide variety of novel insights that can be gleaned from a look into the research being presented at conferences worldwide, we’ve used our analytics platform to pull five of the top trending pharmaceutical research topics from our platform for the first half of 2019.


How to attract talent to your academic conference

Running a successful conference is not just about having the most up-to-date research presentations and exciting keynote speeches. It is also critical to consider the people behind the research and the audience that will be in attendance. With that in mind, how can you ensure that you are attracting the best talent to your academic conference, how can you engage them while they’re there, and how can you make sure that they come back next year?


Designing a Better Digital Poster

Digital posters offer an innovative way to present early and unpublished research findings at conferences. However, digital posters are not simply regular paper posters that have not yet been printed, and digital poster software offers presenters a plethora of additional features to make their posters stand out. Together with Dr. Zen Faulkes from BetterPosters we’ve come up with a collection of design tips and ideas to make sure that your ePoster wows your audience.