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All around the world, conferences play a unique and essential role in academia. They bring the entire scholarly ecosystem together, allowing researchers to connect with peers, share knowledge and discover recent trends and breakthroughs. The focus of every conference is the analysis, evaluation and discussion of abstracts, posters and presentations. However, this process is often still restricted to a manual and offline context.

Morressier is dedicated to adding value to the world of academic conferences by providing the best technological experience. Our digital poster and presentation management system saves conference organizers and delegates time and energy so that they can concentrate on what matters most: research.

Before the conference

Abstract Management

We provide the tools to streamline your abstract management process from start to finish. Collect, review, and select abstracts with ease.


Poster & Presentation Management

A full overview of your conference content from one dashboard. Invite and remind your delegates to upload their eposters and digital presentations with a single click. Receive updates in realtime.

At the conference

On-Site Experience

Easily handle eposter presentations in-room using our app and content management system. Empower delegates to browse, discover and present all digital posters. Zoom for larger audiences, make use of multimedia capabilities and enhance networking between authors.

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After the conference

Post Conference Insights

Morressier provides insightful analytics on the performance of all eposters and scientific presentations from your conference. See trending topics right from your dashboard and embed a dedicated post-conference web page into your website.

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“Morressier’s iPad app has transformed a number of our clients’ conferences into a space where scientific discourse happens both offline and online through their software for electronic poster presentation. Delegates are able to share research, communicate with authors and make effective connections with one another.”

Candi Bond Gunning

Head of Events
Kingston Smith Association Management

“Morressier are three steps ahead. Their product offers an innovative combination of design, technology and insights that significantly enhances the conference experience for all stakeholders.”

Ben Hainsworth

Executive Director
K.I.T. Group GmbH

“It was very easy to integrate Morressier into our service landscape. Not only were we able to save time, but we were also able to provide an interactive conference experience that delighted our delegates.”

Maresa Wiener

Congress Programme & Faculty Management
United European Gastroenterology

“Morressier’s iPad app brought the technology used at Euroanaesthesia to share knowledge to a higher level. Abstract presentations were enhanced by the delegate being able to zoom into specific sections and watch embedded videos.”

Zeev Goldik

European Society of Anaesthesiology

“We have worked with Morressier for over three years now and they have consistently gone above and beyond to provide us with exceptional support. Their product is of the highest standard. It is easy to use and facilitates both the discovery and presentation of research at our conference.”

Hila Nadato

Product Manager
Kenes Group

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Video / Photo Gallery

Poster Discussion at BTS

Ignite a conversation around the content at your conference. Delegates at the British Thoracic Society are discussing, sharing and discovering virtual posters. Designated eposter stations encourage a more interactive experience while increasing networking opportunities.

Poster Session at ECCMID

A delegate at ECCMID is seen engaging an audience with his virtual poster presentation. He is using our digital laser pointer, zoom function and multimedia to explain his findings and enhance the learning experience for fellow attendees.

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What fuels us

Scholarly research is the foundation that spurs the advance of mankind. As technology progresses at an exponential rate, so too does the potential of science. The academic ecosystem as a whole is facing a dramatic shift as the interaction of technology and science broadens both the reach and impact of research.

Morressier is here to facilitate research. We are committed to bringing cutting-edge software, beautifully designed tools and data-driven insights to scientists around the world so they have everything they need to concentrate on what matters most: research.